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Unfortunately we must insist upon shifts that are in excess of 5 paid hours for our team, as they often have travel expenses and child care costs to consider. We also request that additional duties are found for them on any given day when workload is less than anticipated, as opposed to sending them away early.

We are afraid not – at this stage! We are not a dedicated catering agency, such as those that operate at a national level. Where available, we can provide prep chefs and KPs, extending to CdP level chefs depending upon availability, with rates that rise according to experience. Please ring us for current information.

We offer our team the shifts requested on the understanding that they are committed to work, and that the shift provider has committed to offering the work. As flexible as our service is, we cannot in all conscience deny our team the chance of work with no notice.

We offer a 5 day cancellation period, and charge a fee of per person, per shift in the event of late cancellation. This sum goes directly to the team member.

As with above, we request that any organisation looking to cover shifts gives St John’s Staff Hire 5 days notice, and ask that you are especially mindful of this period when it comes to Bank Holidays and peak weekends, which are our busiest times.  We can not guarantee we will be able to fill every shift, especially if you have a last minute shortage – but we will do our best.

The best course of action is to give us a ring, that way we can get a better feeling for the requirements of your business and run over all of the essential information. There is no laborious sign-up process, we promise! Just a chat, a brief meeting, and some paperwork to sign.

Our rates are incredibly competitive, with the lion’s share of what you pay hourly going directly to the team member. A significant portion of the rest goes towards premises and staffing, in addition to other business costs. Subsequently, we do not feel that offering discounts is necessary, as we are already offering you the best deal that we can.

We are indeed! Our VAT number is as follows: